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Community Use Agreement

Since 2010, Bell MTS Iceplex has been working with organizations from across the province to provide a means for community groups to hold community events at the facility. We are proud to offer this program and to encourage the development of sport, culture, fundraising and community-based activities that will showcase local skills and achievement.

Download the Application Here (PDF)

Please forward completed applications to:

3969 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3K 1W4

Phone: 204-926-5887
Fax: 204-926-5885

Thank you for considering the Bell MTS Iceplex for your event. We look forward to the next step and hope to have the opportunity to work with your organization in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Community Use & Access Program?

True North Sports + Entertainment Ltd. And TN Iceplex Ltd, have created the Community Use Program to ensure the Bell MTS Iceplex’s availability for use by community groups for community events on an annual basis.

Who manages the Program?

Bell MTS Iceplex’s General Manager oversees the program and works in conjunction with the Community Use Committee. This committee has been established to ensure that the community benefit in a fair, consistent and transparent manner. The General Manager will administer the CUA on a day-to-day basis.

Who is eligible to apply?

Community Groups include non-profit organizations, groups, associations, or clubs, membership to which is open to the public at no charge or for a nominal charge. These groups must be organized for recreational, cultural, sport, fund-raising, and other community-driven activities.

What is a Community Event?

A Community Event is a Community Group’s use of the Bell MTS Iceplex restricted to activities that do not involve professionally promoted entertainment, athletic or commercial events.

How do I apply?

Application forms are available at Bell MTS Iceplex and above.

See application forms and contact information above.

Only completed applications will be considered. Please make sure all applicable information has been provided.

All applications will receive written acknowledgment and will be notified immediately upon a formal decision by the Community Use Committee.

What is the decision-making timeframe?

Applications are accepted anytime; however, may only be considered by the Community Use & Access Committee on a quarterly basis.

How will the Committee make their selections?

A preliminary ranking methodology has been established. Bell MTS Iceplex staff will be responsible for the initial review of applications and to provide committee members with preliminary ranking and recommendations. Committee members will assess and consider each application according to the priorities and criteria. In addition, the applications will be ranked according to how well they meet the allocation priorities:

  1. Signature events with broad-based community impact
  2. New activities not currently offered in the City of Winnipeg or the Province of Manitoba, with demonstrated need
  3. Events that promote healthy living principles and positively influence the quality of life and well-being of Manitobans and their communities
  4. Events that make a financial or in-kind contribution to the broader community
  5. Fundraising events with significant outcomes, economic returns, and community involvement
  6. Events that focus on the participation of youth

In addition, events will be ranked on their mandate as well as on how well they meet the selection criteria:

  • Business planning
  • Collaboration with similar organizations
  • Accessibility of events for public participation
  • Strengthening the community
  • Nurturing individual and community pride, self-reliance and leadership
  • Enhancing community knowledge and skills
  • Fostering balanced, equitable and sustainable economic development
  • Opportunity and utilization of volunteerism

Allocation of cost-recovery or no-cost event dates are at the discretion of the committee and will be based on a mix of the ranking priorities, criteria, and the community group’s ability to pay.

What am I required to pay for?

Based on the criteria described above, the Committee may recommend your community event for either a no-cost or cost-recovery date.

Is my event date guaranteed?

It is in our interest to assist you in staging a successful event. Once you have requested a date and a secondary date for your event, we will confirm the availability of the date. Approved holds will be entered into the Bell MTS Iceplex confidential booking calendar. Once your event has been approved and the usage terms agreed upon, a contract will be issued along with an invoice for a deposit to guarantee your event.

We will advise under which category your date has been awarded upon a formal decision by the Community Use & Access Committee.