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Summer 2020 – Female 3 Zone Hockey – Building Complete Players

Coaches will tell players that good defense creates better offense. Knowing how to defend and check is a critical part of the game. All players regardless of position, need to be able to understand how to take away time and space to gain possession of the puck back. As you move on to play at higher levels, this skill will be strongly emphasized by coaches.

Knowing how to attack a puck carrier, take proper angles when checking or position yourself correctly can take your game to the next level and give you and your team more time with the puck. Defensively responsible players will build skills and awareness such as; Reading plays quicker, understanding offensive players options, using their skating efficiently and fast, and having a good stick. The goal is to help players understand different ways of effective checking in all 3 zones of the ice.

This summer, Jets Hockey Development will be offering female players a program that will help them to become a more responsible and competitive player to help earn additional playing time next season.
Sessions will cover in detail:

Forward skating (efficient stride)Lateral Cross Overs and angling
Backward skatingBody position (in a confined space)
Transition skating (all options)Stick position
Confined Space FootworkShot Blocking
Tracking back and communicationBattle mentality and physical plays
AnglingSpatial Awareness

This program will also contain 8 boardroom sessions where players will be exposed to video examples and small group work.  This is a great way to allow players a chance to ask questions directly to the coach and gain understanding of different defensive plays. All boardroom sessions will be before the ice time to prepare players for the day and will allow the necessary time to get dressed for the ice session.

This program is led by Venla Hovi both on the ice and in the boardroom

DATE: Wednesday Evenings – July 8th – August 26th
AGE GROUPS: 2005- 2008
TIME: boardroom session 6.30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. / on-ice session 8:00-9:00 p.m.
COST: $380 plus tax (includes JHD Jersey)

 “Having players learn how to defend in different situations of the game is the biggest part of the program. As soon as players realize that better defense equals more time with the puck, they’re more committed to it and find it exciting. Defending responsibly is a great way to earn more ice time.” – Venla Hovi (Head Coach Jets Hockey Development)

For more information regarding programming, please call or email Venla Hovi (204) 926-5882 or vhovi@tnse.com

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