AAA Camp

August 23 – 29
Program is designed to prepare players to compete at their AAA evaluations.

Preparatory Phase: Overspeed training, anaerobic tolerance, body checking, assertive 1-on-1 puck skills, International individual tactics, Aerobic intervals

Tactical Phase: Integrated team play tactics, European flow drills, International team play systems, aerobic / anaerobic splits, Attack, Support, Recover principles.

Preparatory Phase: Emphasis to develop speed and explosiveness while increasing understanding of the tactical aspects of goaltending. Tactics will include depth control, angles and shooter tendencies.

Tactical Phase: Objective is to minimize footwork through efficient movement. The tactics include glove and stick placement in key situations, save options, post save responses with tracking and recovery.

Program Details

Dates: August 24, 2019 – August 29, 2019
1 or 2 sessions daily, 8 sessions in total; 10 hours on-ice instruction
Groups: 2006 AA / Gold will be a separate on ice group; 3 additional groups will be made based on age and playing level.
Fees: $280.00 & GST
Staff: Larry Bumstead


2006  YOB AA  or rural Rep / Gold
2005 YOB AA / AAA
2004 YOB AA / AAA
2003 YOB AA / AAA / HS
2002 YOB AA / AAA / HS


There are 4 separate programming groups, determined by player’s age and playing level in the 2017-2018 season.  Schedules will be posted in July.  All players will receive an email confirming their on ice group and the detailed schedule in July.

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