Competitive Camps, full day

August 12 – 16, 2019

2 X 90 minutes sessions on-ice daily
2 X 45 minutes session Multi-Sports Camp daily
2 X 30 minutes video energizer daily
2 X 60 minutes games weekly (early evening, Wednesday and Friday)

This is a FULL day camp which includes a daily HOT LUNCH.


The Competitive phase bridges players with progressive individual and team play tactics using an abundance of fun on ice activities. Emphasis on edge control and skating, quick stick, passing, scoring, contact confidence and individual and team play tactics.


Reinforces basic stance and position with a primary focus to improve goalie movement and shot preparation. Includes save selections, post save responses and recovery. Goaltenders receive instruction from a dedicated goaltender instructor (1-on-1 and small group ratio, max. 4-1) and will be integrated into drills for immediate learning reinforcement.


Program Details

Dates: August 12, 2019 – August 16, 2019
Fees: $570.00
Staff: Larry Bumstead


Multiple Groups:  2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 YOB
Gender: Co-Ed

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