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2021 – JHD High Performance Prep Camp

At Jets Hockey Development, our programs focus on developing a player’s individual skill set. Our High-Performance Prep Camp will help AAA & AA level players prepare for the upcoming season through detailed instruction. Delivered by our JHD professional coaches, players will work to improve their skating and puck handling abilities while preparing for their upcoming training camps.

Our 5-day High-Performance Prep Camp consists of 2 on-ice sessions (Power Skating/Individual Skills & Application of Skills in Game Situations), 2 off-ice sessions and 2 boardroom sessions every day!
Power Skating/Individual Skills topics will cover in detail;

Forward Skating/Change of Pace Confined Space Footwork (stop & start)
Edge Development (One & Two Foot) Transition Skating
Puck Control/Protection Passing and Pass Reception in Stride
Fakes & Deception Changing Shot Release Points

Application of Skills in Game Situations topics will cover in detail:

Plays below the Goal Line Net Front Play
Offensive Zone Entries Pucks on Wall/Rims
Puck Support in Different Zones Decision Making With & Without the Puck
Decision Making With & Without the Puck Small Area Games & Competition

*Some of the afternoon session concepts will cover both defensive and offensive responsibilities.

Coming into training camp and tryouts at your physical best is now a requirement to compete at the highest level. The dry land sessions during this week will be broken into sessions that focus on power, speed and conditioning. Power is our ability to produce force quickly. Speed is the top rate at which we can move. These are skills that can be taught, practiced and developed with the proper coaching. Our conditioning level dictates how often we can produce power and speed and to what degree. Hockey is a game of repeated high intensity intervals, we need excellent conditioning to be able to perform at a high level for a whole game. The higher level of hockey you compete at the more important it is to be great at the elements that are under your control. This dry land training in this is designed to make sure you are ready.

Players will not only be challenged physically but mentally as well during our boardroom sessions. Our JHD professional coaches will keep everyone involved through detailed discussions about individual technique and team tactics using National Hockey League video clips.

DATE: August 30th – September 3rd
TIME: On-ice sessions / Off-ice sessions /Boardroom sessions
LOCATION: Gateway Recreation Centre
COST: $525 plus tax (includes JHD Jersey)

Group 1: 2011/2012
Group 2: 2009/2010
Group 3: 2007/2008


Important Information for Parents

First Day Registration/Drop-off

Parents are asked to arrive early on the first day of camp to ensure their player is checked in and to have any questions answered by our Jets Hockey Development & Skills Prep Camp staff.

Group 1 will check in from 7:30 – 7:45am; Welcome meeting at 8:00am in dressing room
Group 2 will check in from 7:45 – 8:00am; Welcome meeting at 8:15am in fieldhouse
Group 3 will check in from 8:00 – 8:15am; Welcome meeting at 8:15am in fieldhouse

Daily Drop-off & Pick-up

Dropping off

  • Player drop off each day is between 8:00 and 8:30am
  • Programming begins at 8:30am each day whether the player starts on-ice, off-ice or in the boardroom.
  • While waiting, players will be participating in team building activities led by group leaders.

Picking Up

  • Player pick up each is between 4:00 and 4:30pm
  • Programming ends at 3:45pm each day whether the player finishes on-ice, off-ice or in the boardroom.
  • Between 3:45 – 4:00pm players will pack up their on- and off-ice equipment.
  • While waiting for pick-up players will be participating in team building activities led by group leaders.
  • Parents must sign out their player at the end of each day.

Drop-off & pick-up location will be the front entrance/lobby to Gateway Recreation Centre.


Lunch and snacks are not provided at the Skills Prep Camp, parents are asked to pack a well-balanced lunch, plenty of snacks and a water bottle to keep players hydrated throughout the day. Please label water bottle, lunch pack/bags and any other items. Players will have ample time to eat during their 2 boardroom sessions.

Although Gateway Recreation Centre does have a canteen, we cannot guarantee it will be open during the hours of our Summer Skills Camp. Please ensure that lunch or snack items do not require a microwave.

Nuts and Nut Products
For the safety of all participants, nut and peanut products are prohibited from the Skills Prep Camp. Please be sure to read all product ingredient labels when packing lunches/snacks.


Dressing Rooms

Each age group will be assigned their own dressing room which will be locked when players are not using the room. Group leaders will be assigned the dressing room key and are expected to monitor rooms and check for any items at the end of each day. A dressing room for all female participants will be assigned and monitored by our female group leaders.

Players will be able to leave their hockey equipment, off-ice clothing, and lunch/snacks in their dressing room daily but will have to take their equipment home at the end of each day as we DO NOT have the dressing rooms overnight. Do not leave any valuables in the dressing room, Jets Hockey Development are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What to Pack for Camp

Full equipment will be worn for all on-ice sessions, this includes neck and mouth guards. Please ensure that players skates are sharpened before attending the first day of camp. All players are recommended to bring two sticks each day in case they break one during an on-ice session. Players will receive a JHD jersey on the first day of camp and are asked to bring this daily.

For off-ice sessions, please make sure to bring shorts, t-shirt, dry socks, and running/training shoes. Shoes should be clean and in good condition as we will be using the indoor soccer turf.

Players are asked to bring a change of clothing, labelled water bottle and a towel if needed for showering.

Although the dressing rooms will be locked and monitored by Group Leaders please refrain from bringing valuables and electronics.

For more information regarding programming, please call or email:

Dave Cameron (204) 926-5876 or dcameron@tnse.com
Devin Himpe (204) 926-5852 or dhimpe@tnse.com
Brett Wur (204) 926-5882 or bwur@tnse.com


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