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JHD Ringette Team Training – 2020-21

This past summer Jets Hockey Development and Bell MTS Iceplex launched JHD Ringette.

During the month of August 2020 JHD Ringette hosted two ringette camps followed up by a week of scrimmages. JHD Ringette is now launching a new team training program. Using JHD resources as the backbone of this new beginning, your team will be able to participate in this program. Team Training 2020-2021 is designed to allow your team to work with our professional skills coaches to help your players improve their individual skills within the game. We look forward to working with players and coaches year-round. These sessions will not be working on team systems but rather the skills required to make your team systems function better.

Take your team’s break-outs as an example. If your team is having trouble in their own zone, we will work on topics such as passing, pass reception, timing, and communication to help make your breakouts more effective. We can accommodate team training with partial or full ice availability at your practice.

Ringette skills coaches are available to visit your team’s practice ice time, or we welcome all ringette levels into Bell MTS Iceplex (limited ice slots available). Skill coaches will provide their own set of rings, a drawing board, pylons, and all extra equipment needed for an ice session. Lead JHD Ringette coach Talia Gallant has elite ringette experience from Team Canada, Canada Winter Games, and Team Manitoba backgrounds.

Working closely with Provincial Guidelines, JHD Ringette will ensure players safety and health as a priority. See the following link for more Covid-19 safety measures at Bell MTS Iceplex, https://www.bellmtsiceplex.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Return-To-Play-Protocol_Phase-3.pdf.


Pricing Per 1-hour Team Training Ice Session

Team Training at Bell MTS Iceplex = $100.00 + GST + Bell MTS Iceplex Ice Rental Fee (Prime or Non-Prime)


Satellite Team Training = $100.00 + GST + $0.46 Per Km from Bell MTS Iceplex

As individual skills strengthen, the overall team execution will rise.


How to Book Your Team Training:

 Find a practice time that works best for your team. Note, we can categorize ice sessions by specific skill or by position. Ex: Power Skating (everyone) vs. Offence Training strictly with centers and

Team coaches are encouraged to be on the ice. Please feel free to take notes about the skills you see as the more players use them the better they will get at them.

From the list provided, select a topic or topics to be worked on in your team session. Please keep in mind that the more topics you select, the less time we can work on each Most teams will pick one skating topic and one skill topic per session.

Copy and paste the following and send completed information to Talia Gallant – tgallant@tnse.com

no later than one week before your team session. If you have multiple sessions booked, please do this at least one week before each session.


Team Name:

Level of Ringette:

Date & Time of Sessions:

Selected Topics to work on:

Number of Players Attending:

Will your Goalie(s) be at the Session:


Having this information one week ahead of your team’s session will allow the necessary time to prepare for all coaches. If your team is booked for multiple sessions, we can build on the first session or work on something specific that has come up in your practices and games.

Our goal in these sessions is to allow players time to work on topics that they may not get to work on within a regular team practice. As players get better in these areas, they will develop more confidence and eventually bring these skills into team practices and then into games.

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