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2021 Player Webinar Series June 8 – June 10

With hockey being put on pause for the next while, Jets Hockey Development has taken their programming virtual.  This programming is designed to give players a variety of skills and concepts to work on through a combination of both webinar instruction and physical movement sessions. For players who want to continue to learn and work, this is an opportunity to continue to do that as we prepare for summer programming.

With these sessions, our goal is to challenge players to continue to build on skills they have, learn situations where they can apply those skills, and watch NHL video of these ideas being used in games. Players can choose what sessions work for them and register for each individual session to build a customized plan for their off-ice development.


Session 1 (June 8 – 5:00-6:00 pm) – SHOOTING SESSION – WORKING ON WRIST AND SNAP SHOTS 

This session will give players areas to focus on while shooting pucks at home.  Building on concepts we have done through stickhandling from puck placement, quick hands, and loading the puck, now players will work on the release of their shot.  Players will need a place to shoot, and we recommend that players have 20-25 pucks to get the repetition needed.

*This is a physical session where players will be able to work on their shot.



Hockey is a game of repetitive high intensity intervals. In order to play at a high level over the course of a complete game it is important that both energy systems, aerobic and anaerobic are developed.  This can be done off ice by performing conditioning drills and exercises with high intensity for varied intervals with progressions being made to work and rest times.

*This is an off-ice workout aimed at helping players focus on their off-ice conditioning.



This session will work through patterns and drills that can help players continually improve their stickhandling and build confidence with the puck.  As players get the hang of the pattern, they can then focus on adding speed to the movement. This session will give players an extensive list of drills to focus on while they are practicing on their own without the help of a coach.

*This is a physical stickhandling session and players will need a space to stickhandle with gloves and stick and a ball.


Date: JUNE 8-10

Time: each day listed above to ensure no calls during Jets Playoff Games (if round 2 schedule conflicts when released, times will be adjusted)

Location: Virtual – ZOOM (Players will receive an email link to each Zoom call separately leading up to the call)

Number of Participants: Open to all aged players and coaches

Cost: $10/per session


If you would like more information regarding this next webinar series, please email dcameron@tnse.com or call 204-926-5876.

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