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Spring 2021 COMPLETE Spring Program

The COMPLETE Spring Program is aimed at players who are looking to continue to build in their individual development. With consistent ice times and a progressive plan, this program will cover all areas of development and allow players to catch up on missed time this season in an energetic environment conducive to learning.

The Jets Hockey Development coaches will help players quickly get caught up from the end of last season and work to push to a totally different level. With detailed instruction and personal feedback, players will learn why they are doing specific things and where to use these topics in games. Sessions will progress from teaching specific skills to executing these skills with pace in both situational drills and competitive situations.

COMPLETE Spring Program

Sessions will cover in detail;

Edge DevelopmentShootingStride Mechanics
AccelerationScoringSymmetry Skills with the Puck
Confidence in Puck MovementPuck Handling SpeedAnd more…


DATE: Wednesdays and Friday in March & April
2-3 (depending on number of players registered in each group)
COST: $580 + tax (includes JHD Jersey)

Age groups

2008-2009: 5:50-6:50 pm
2006-2007: 7:00-8:00 pm
2004-2005: 8:10-9:10 pm

If you would like more information regarding programming, please email dcameron@tnse.com or call 204-926-5876.

“Building a Development Program for players is best done through quality instruction and consistent ice time over a specific period.  Helping players to build confidence in themselves through detailed instruction, quality repetition and exposure to game situations, is something that we believe will allow players to raise their level. We take a lot of pride in helping players continue to develop and we look forward to getting back on the ice with players.” – Dave Cameron

For players looking to add another program to their Spring Development, please see the POWER SKATING or CREATING OFFENSE options.


2008/2009 SCHEDULE
Wednesday March 105:50 pm
Friday March 125:50 pm
Wednesday March 175:50 pm
Friday March 195:50 pm
Wednesday March 245:50 pm
Friday March 265:50 pm
Wednesday March 315:50 pm
Friday April 25:50 pm
Wednesday April 75:50 pm
Friday April 95:50 pm
Wednesday April 145:50 pm
Friday April 165:50 pm
Wednesday April 215:50 pm
Friday April 235:50 pm
Wednesday April 285:50 pm
Friday April 305:50 pm


2006/2007 SCHEDULE
Wednesday March 107:00 pm
Friday March 127:00 pm
Wednesday March 177:00 pm
Friday March 197:00 pm
Wednesday March 247:00 pm
Friday March 267:00 pm
Wednesday March 317:00 pm
Friday April 27:00 pm
Wednesday April 77:00 pm
Friday April 97:00 pm
Wednesday April 147:00 pm
Friday April 167:00 pm
Wednesday April 217:00 pm
Friday April 237:00 pm
Wednesday April 287:00 pm
Friday April 307:00 pm



2003/2004/2005 SCHEDULE
Wednesday March 108:10 pm
Friday March 128:10 pm
Wednesday March 178:10 pm
Friday March 198:10 pm
Wednesday March 248:10 pm
Friday March 268:10 pm
Wednesday March 318:10 pm
Friday April 28:10 pm
Wednesday April 78:10 pm
Friday April 98:10 pm
Wednesday April 148:10 pm
Friday April 168:10 pm
Wednesday April 218:10 pm
Friday April 238:10 pm
Wednesday April 288:10 pm
Friday April 308:10 pm


11-1213-1415-177-89-10 Spring