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Spring 2021 CREATING OFFENCE Spring Program

The CREATING OFFENSE program is for players who are looking to prepare for next season and take their offensive mindset to the next level. The goal of this program is to have players recognize specific scoring situations and help them build confidence when they are in these positions.

Jets Hockey Development will be offering players the opportunity to enroll in a training program where they can work on puck skills needed to help their team create offense.  Designed and coached by the Jets Hockey Development team, this specific program will allow players to work through detailed progressions to allow players to see improvements in their offensive abilities.

Sessions will cover in detail;

Puck ControlPassing & Pass Reception
Scoring in Tight/ReboundsEast-West/Low-High
Shooting/Quick ReleaseNet Drives/Below Goal Line
Screens/Tips/DeflectionZone Entries
And more…

This is NOT a skating program but rather it is designed to focus specifically on developing confidence in puck skills necessary for creating offensive.

DATE: Thursdays in March & April
2-3 (depending on number of players registered in each group)
COST: $300 plus tax (includes JHD Jersey)

Age groups (session dates and times on back):
2010/2011: 5:50-6:50 pm
2008/2009: 7:00-8:00 pm
2006/2007: 8:10-9:10 pm

If you would like more information regarding programming, please email dcameron@tnse.com or call 204-926-5876.

For players looking to add another program to their development, please see the POWER SKATING & COMPLETE PROGRAMS.

2010/2011 SCHEDULE
Thursday March 115:50 pm
Thursday March 185:50 pm
Thursday March 255:50 pm
Thursday April 15:50 pm
Thursday April 85:50 pm
Thursday April 155:50 pm
Thursday April 225:50 pm
Thursday April 295:50 pm


2008/2009 SCHEDULE
Thursday March 117:00 pm
Thursday March 187:00 pm
Thursday March 257:00 pm
Thursday April 17:00 pm
Thursday April 87:00 pm
Thursday April 157:00 pm
Thursday April 227:00 pm
Thursday April 297:00 pm


2006/2007 SCHEDULE
Thursday March 118:10 pm
Thursday March 188:10 pm
Thursday March 258:10 pm
Thursday April 18:10 pm
Thursday April 88:10 pm
Thursday April 158:10 pm
Thursday April 228:10 pm
Thursday April 298:10 pm







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