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Spring 2021 JUNIOR Spring Program

The JUNIOR Spring Program is for players who are looking to prepare for next season with a challenging yet functional development program in place.  The goal of the program will be to work to get players back to the level they were at before the completion of their season, and to start to challenge players to expand their existing skill set within their position.

The Jets Hockey Development coaches will challenge players by illustrating how each player can build on basic skills and use their skill set to maximize their efficiency on the ice for their team. By developing skills through situational exposure, players can expand their knowledge of the game and prepare for situations that will come up.  Through this development plan, skill development and situational exposure, players will be able to make quicker decisions which will lead to them being more impactful in the game.

COMPLETE Spring Program

Sessions will cover in detail;

Edge DevelopmentShooting & Scoring
AccelerationPuck Retrievals
Stride MechanicsSymmetry Skills with the Puck
Confidence in Puck MovementPuck Handling Speed
And more… 


DATE: Tuesday and Thursday in March & April
2-3 (depending on number of players registered in each group)
COST: $580 + tax (includes JHD Jersey)

Age groups

2001-2004: 4:40 pm
*all players must have played on a JUNIOR Roster

If you would like more information regarding programming, please email dcameron@tnse.com or call 204-926-5876.

“Building a Development Program for players is best done through quality instruction and consistent ice time over a specific period.  Helping players to build confidence in themselves through detailed instruction, quality repetition and exposure to game situations, is something that we believe will allow players to raise their level. We take a lot of pride in helping players continue to develop and we look forward to getting back on the ice with players.” – Dave Cameron


Tuesday March 94:40 pm
Thursday March 114:40 pm
Tuesday March 164:40 pm
Thursday March 184:40 pm
Tuesday March 234:40 pm
Thursday March 254:40 pm
Tuesday March 304:40 pm
Thursday April 14:40 pm
Tuesday April 64:40 pm
Thursday April 84:40 pm
Tuesday April 134:40 pm
Thursday April 154:40 pm
Tuesday April 204:40 pm
Thursday April 224:40 pm
Tuesday April 274:40 pm
Thursday April 294:40 pm








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