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Spring 2021 SUNDAY PUCK SKILLS Spring Program

With hockey rinks allowed to open, it is a perfect time to start preparing for the upcoming season. One of the most common things we hear from players, is that they are not confident with the puck when it comes to them in a game. Our goal is to change this mindset for players and give them the tools they need to succeed with the puck.

In order to have confidence with the puck in games, players need to build confidence with the puck in practice.  By giving players the necessary reps in practice with the puck, we can begin to challenge them to expand their existing skill sets.

This spring, Jets Hockey Development will be offering players, the opportunity to enroll in a training program where they can work on specific topics needed to play the game at the highest levels. Designed by Dave Cameron and delivered by the JHD Professionals, these specific programs will have players work through detailed progressions, which will allow players to see improvements.


Sessions will cover in detail;

Puck ControlFakes and Deception
Puck ProtectionChanging Speeds with the Puck
ShootingQuick Release
Reading Available IcePassing and Pass receiving
And more… 

**This is NOT a learn to play program, all players SHOULD have basic skating and puck handling skills to build on **

DATE: Sundays in March & April
2-3 (depending on number of players registered in each group)
COST: $265 + tax (includes JHD Jersey)

Age groups (session dates and times on back):

2012-2013: 10:10 am -11:10 am
2010-2011: 11:20 am -12:20 pm
2008-2009: 12:30 pm -1:30 pm


If you would like more information regarding programming, please email dcameron@tnse.com or call 204-926-5876.

“Good puck control leads to good passing and good passing leads to good shooting.  We look forward to helping build your confidence with the puck to allow you to make plays in games” – Dave Cameron (Head Coach & Program Director Jets Hockey Development)
For players looking to add another program to their development, please see our POWER SKATING, CREATING OFFENSE or COMPLETE PROGRAMS.

2012/2013 SCHEDULE
Sunday, March 1410:10 am
Sunday, March 2110:10 am
Sunday, March 2810:10 am
Sunday, April 410:10 am
Sunday, April 1110:10 am
Sunday, April 1810:10 am
Sunday, April 2510:10 am



2010/2011 SCHEDULE
Sunday, March 1411:20 am
Sunday, March 2111:20 am
Sunday, March 2811:20 am
Sunday, April 411:20 am
Sunday, April 1111:20 am
Sunday, April 1811:20 am
Sunday, April 2511:20 am



2008/2009 SCHEDULE
Sunday, March 1412:30 pm
Sunday, March 2112:30 pm
Sunday, March 2812:30 pm
Sunday, April 412:30 pm
Sunday, April 1112:30 pm
Sunday, April 1812:30 pm
Sunday, April 2512:30 pm


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