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Summer 2021 – Puck Skills 2010-2011’s

At Jets Hockey Development, our programs focus on developing a player’s individual skill set. Throughout the winter season, there is an emphasis placed on team tactics which often limits player development.  This summer is a great opportunity to help your player build confidence with the puck through necessary repetitions for development. The goal will be to help players develop the work habits and skills to be a well-rounded hockey player.

In order to have confidence with the puck in games, players need to build confidence with the puck in practice.

This program will specifically help players to work on puck possession and decision making with the puck to make more positive plays in a game. Players will build confidence and be challenged to expand their existing skill to separate themselves from the competition.

Sessions will cover in detail;

Puck ControlPassing and Pass Receiving
Puck ProtectionShot Power
Fakes and DeceptionReading Available Ice
Quick Release ShootingSmall Area Games
Changing Speeds with the PuckCompetition Drills
Decision MakingAnd more….

This program will also contain an off-ice workout in Focus Fitness where players will be exposed to the importance of functional movement.  Players will be taught the benefits of an effective warm-up and will work on areas of their body that will tie into stronger pucks skills such as balance, core stability, flexibility, co-ordination and more. All off-ice sessions will be before the ice time to allow the necessary time to get dressed for their ice time.

DATE: Wednesday Evenings – July 7th – August 25th
TIME: Off-ice session 5:15 – 6:15 p.m. / On-ice session 6:45 – 7:45 p.m.
COST: $420 plus tax (includes JHD Jersey)

“Good puck control leads to good passing and good passing leads to good shooting.  We look forward to helping build your confidence with the puck to allow you to make more plays in games” – Dave Cameron (Head Coach & Program Director Jets Hockey Development)

For more information regarding programming, please call or email Dave Cameron (204) 926-5876 or dcameron@tnse.com


Full On-ice Schedule

Wednesday July 76:45 pm
Wednesday July 146:45 pm
Wednesday July 216:45 pm
Wednesday July 286:45 pm
Wednesday August 46:45 pm
Wednesday August 116:45 pm
Wednesday August 186:45 pm
Wednesday August 256:45 pm



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