Our Team

Monte Miller
General Manager
Phone: 204-926-5870
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Jackie Cairns
AP/AR Clerk & Receptionist
Phone: 204-926-5887
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Ted Szypowski
Master Scheduler
Phone: 204-926-5888
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Jessica Horton
Event & Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 204-926-5851
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Dustin Madrigga
Registration Manager & Assistant Scheduler
Phone: 204-926-5883
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Dean Court
Programming Manager
Phone: 204-926-5881
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Larry Bumstead
Head Instructor
Phone: 204-926-5866
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AJ Zeglen
Manager, Focus Fitness
Phone: 204-926-5877
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Lee Stubbs
High Performance Trainer
Phone: 204-926-5852
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Kathy Bumstead
Phone: 204-926-5866
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Dave Cameron
Head on Ice Instructor
& Program Manager, Jets Hockey Development
Phone: 204-926-5876
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Andy Kollar
Manager of Goalie Development-Ice Lab
Phone: 204-926-5869
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Food & Beverage
Leonard Church
Head Chef
Phone: 204-926-5871
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Andrew Szabo
Restaurant Manager
Phone: 204-926-5871
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Jets Gear Pro Shop – Bell MTS Iceplex
Jeff Borse
Store Manager
Phone: 204-926-5879
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Alexandre Gobeil
Chief Engineer & Building Manager
Phone: 204-926-5891
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Dmitry Kusnetsov
Building Engineer
Kevin MacKay
Senior Operator
Graham Francis
Senior Operator
Brian Iwaszewski
Operations Supervisor