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Bell MTS Iceplex Health & Safety

At Bell MTS Iceplex, we are committed to ensuring a safe experience for everyone in our facility, from participants to staff to guests. Now, more than ever, this is paramount as we all do our part to ensure we do not set back our community’s collective effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Bell MTS Iceplex has been working with the province and health officials to ensure the safe resumption of our programs and services. We will continue to actively monitor the province’s Restoring Safe Services plan and guidelines and will work with provincial authorities to ensure we are following and evolving our policies and protocols to fit with best practices as well as to provide the best hockey and training experience possible while at Bell MTS Iceplex.

While some of the changes may present an adjustment and potential inconvenience, all new health and safety measures are essential to our ability to open our facility and run programming. For the safety of our entire community, we appreciate your adherence and understanding.



Cleanliness and sanitation

Bell MTS Iceplex has increased our disinfection measures and has implemented more frequent cleaning of commonly used areas and surfaces during active business hours.

Dressing rooms and other occupied areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between groups.

Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the facility, including at the entrance when checking-in. A strict no-spitting policy is also in place.

Personal protective equipment

Participants and Coaches MUST wear a mask at all times when in the facility, including while on the ice. Masks may be removed for water breaks but have to be put back on prior to continuing activity. All users must adhere to the most current provincial health order and deviation from the public health order may result in the group being asked to leave the facility immediately and future ice rental privileges could be suspended indefinitely. Minor hockey associations are required to follow Hockey Manitoba’s Return to Play document at all times.

Health assessment

All guests and staff will be required to complete an online self-assessment before entering Bell MTS Iceplex.

Staff and coaches have been instructed to stay at home if they are feeling unwell, including if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms: headache, congestion, runny nose, fever, chills and/or body aches.

We respectfully ask our skaters and spectators to cancel their session and avoid entering Bell MTS Iceplex if they are experiencing any of the same symptoms, if someone in their household is ill, or if they believe they have been exposed to someone who is ill.

As we put the wellness of our community first and foremost, there will be no penalties for cancelling sessions on short notice. Likewise, we hope you will understand if your session is cancelled on short notice in the case that your coach is feeling unwell.

We will not risk the health of any of our clients or guests by running training when an instructor is under the weather and will do our best to rescheduled missed sessions or provide a full refund.

Physical distancing

To ensure physical distancing, Bell MTS Iceplex will operate with reduced capacity. A maximum of 20 skaters are allowed per dressing room, however, participants are encouraged to come to the facility dressed for the ice. A maximum of 20 skaters, two goalies and two coaches, totaling 24 participants, will be allowed on the ice at any given time. The Focus Fitness space will be limited to 10 users at a time.

The flow of guests and participants will be controlled through a check-in process upon arrival. To assist in having the least amount of people in the facility at one time, participants are restricted from entering the facility more than 20 minutes before their scheduled session and must depart the facility within 15 minutes of the end of their scheduled session.

Skaters are asked to limit the number of guests accompanying them into the facility and Iceplex staff will monitor the physical distancing of guests in the stands to ensure everyone maintains two metres apart from one another.

All players and coaches must maintain physical distancing while in the facility, on-ice and in the gym as much as possible, excluding participants while they are actively engaged in hockey or training activity.

Physical distancing guidelines will be marked on the floor to better manage high-traffic and potentially congested areas.

We appreciate that parts of your experience at Bell MTS Iceplex will be a little different than they were before, however, our athletes will receive the same first-rate training and attention that they always do in JHD and Focus Fitness. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding and look forward to seeing you at Bell MTS Iceplex.